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We love treating children!

From routine checks to helping improve your diet & brushing and transitioning you into an electric toothbrush.

For more complex restorative work and deciduous (children’s’ milk teeth) extractions we routinely use THE WAND painless anaesthetic system.

We will treat the teeth using our gentle laser instead of drills and can offer inhalation sedation (gas and air Sedation), also known as Relative Analgesia or RA Sedation. It is an extremely safe gas to use, also used in childbirth. The aims are to help with relaxation and mild pain relief to allow the use of numbing injections and increase tolerance with longer, more complex treatments.

We can treat children on a pay-as-you-go basis, however we usually advice the hourly fee as it means we can treat more teeth in one session. The hourly fee includes The WAND painless anaesthetic, inhalation sedation and the use of laser instead of drilling the teeth.


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Treatment Category:

Children’s Examination £75/£55/£35 – New patients/Routine (discounted fee for those pre-booking and attending every 6-months)

Advised every 6 months for an adequate healthy mouth check.


Free digital scans – with near infra-red technology to assess cavities, minimising the need for x-rays


Children’s Teeth cleaning – £60

Children’s oral hygiene demonstration £40

Teaching them how to clean their teeth, use of dye tablets to colour-code missed areas, demonstration use of electric toothbrush.


Inhalation Sedation – 30 minutes/60 minutes (£95/£180)


Laser treatment – laser cutting no drilling –  60 minutes (£250)

The advantage of this is that multiple treatments can be completed in the 60 minutes session; can eliminate the need for tooth numbing injections.


Baby (deciduous) tooth removal £150


Space maintainer appliance £450

Keeps the space in the mouth if a baby tooth is lost too early – prevents space loss for the permanent adult tooth and avoids complications with needing tooth removal for braces later on in development.


Topical Fluoride application session – from £20 per session

Ideal way to treat early decay in baby teeth if no filling is required. and combined with tooth cleaning and low-sugar diet can prevent the need for a tooth filling.

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Orthodontic Therapy :

  1. Orthopaedics for the under 14 years old – from £450 per single arch appliance then £200 monthly maintenance fees – visits approximately every 4 weeks
  2. Fixed Braces – usually once most adult teeth are present – from £1500 per arch or from £2500 for top and bottom brace – visits approximately every 4 weeks

RETAINERS MUST BE WORN to keep teeth straight for as long as you want teeth to remain straight!!



Many of our young patients may benefit from orthopaedics. This is different from orthodontics in that it treats the jaws, correcting misalignments and entrapments that may prevent normal healthy growth of the jaws. We can offer an orthopaedic consultation with Dr Nadia, our expert dentist in this field. The appliances used are removable or fixed to some teeth and help during the period of pubertal growth. Children as early as 5 or 6 year sold can be assessed for this type of treatment as often early intervention can not only be easier to tolerate but may prevent the need for fixed braces (orthodontics) later on or significantly reduce the time they are worn for.

All our patients benefit from discounts on orthodontics if they have had orthopaedic treatment with us.

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